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Professor, PhD
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Name: Li Yuejun Sex: Male Degree: Professor, Doctor
Positions: Associate Professor, School of Humanities, Taizhou University, Deputy Dean of Hehe Cultural Research Institute of Taizhou University, Tiantaishan Cultural Research Institute, and Director of Rural Rejuvenation Institute of Sanmen Institute
Work experience: After graduating from Hangzhou University in August 1993, he has worked in Taizhou College since then. He has been engaged in teaching and scientific research positions, rigorously requires himself in ideology, diligent in work, and resentful; he is honest and trustworthy in style, truth-seeking and pragmatic, and conscientiously completes all tasks assigned by the school; he can unite colleagues in life Be sincere, respect the old and love the young, and have a harmonious family.
Teaching and research achievements:
I. Life-based teaching and education
He is loyal to education and teaches courses such as "Tourism Planning and Development", "Rural Tourism Development", "Regional Development", and "Introduction to Professional Development" in the field of tourism management. Each year, he guides more than 10 graduation thesis, earnestly and responsibly, and strives to promote the improvement of students' thesis writing. He always believes that interest is the best teacher, actively establishes a correct view of teaching quality, strives to improve the quality and efficiency of classroom teaching, and stimulates students' interest. He carefully prepares lessons every time, improves students' enthusiasm for participation, and changes student learning from “passive” to “active” and “forced” to “voluntary”. While paying attention to teaching basic theories, let them understand professional development trends, and try to improve students' application-oriented abilities, which will help them to have a better basic skills in the tourism management industry in the future. He has led students to participate in social service projects for many times to strengthen students' practical exercises. Instruct students to participate in subject competitions, currently guiding college students to one national innovation project. The person in charge of 3 + 0.5 + 0.5 teaching reform of tourism management completed a provincial education reform project, organized the application of tourism management teaching awards, and won the first prize at the school level.
Focus on scientific research and serve the place
He has devoted himself to scientific research and has done a lot of research in regional tourism development, mountain tourism destination environment construction, Zhejiang tourism resources and tourism development, especially the spatial matching relationship between tourist cities and scenic spots, tourism space production in characteristic towns, tourism development in ancient trails, Intensive research has been made on the evaluation and development of tourism resources, and has unique research in the spatial matching relationship between tourist cities and scenic spots, the characteristics of Zhejiang tourism resources and the phenomenon of dislocation of tourism resources. Published more than 30 professional papers on tourism, including 3 first-level journals, more than 10 papers in C journals, and 3 full-length reprints of the National People's Congress; presided over 2 provincial and ministerial projects, and completed the "Taizhou Tourism Resources General Survey", " There are more than 30 social service projects such as the Outline of Taizhou Tourism Industry Development and the Sanmen County Industrial Economic “Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan”. The service projects cover nine counties and districts in Taizhou, and have undertaken Anling and Xi'an, the westernmost of Taizhou. Town, town and other township tourism planning. Served as Secretary-General of Taizhou Economic Association, Deputy Secretary-General of Taizhou Merchants Research Institute, Director of Zhejiang Geographical Society, etc. Immigration area has done a lot of service issues in economy and other aspects, and has made due contributions to the local services of Taizhou University.

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